Varia Symbol of Quality since 1965

PT Varia Cipta Pratama was established in Surabaya, managed by very capable and dedicated young executives. PT Varia Cipta Pratama continuously developing their Harmonica Steel Door (Folding Gate). Many innovations were also made to adapt with current market needs and stay being the Nation's market leader.

As the company grows, PT Varia Cipta Pratama not only produces the harmonica steel door (folding gate) called Varia but also produces Flextra (Flexible Trellis), steel door 4 in 1 (Multifunciton Automatic Sliding Window & Folding). Besides that, there is also Paragola (Canvas Automatic Folding), service lift called F-Lift, Firescue (Emergency Stairs Window) and Garaflex (Flexible Garage/ Automatic Retractable Garage).

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision and mission of the company is to apply values that we have been elaborated in time which are:

  • Professional, competence, responsibility, corporateness and elaborated work etiquettes,
  • Working smartly through development from individual competence (knowledge, skills and positive energy),
  • Ability to develop networking with stakeholders,
  • Sensitiveness to environment and activeness holding the role of the company according to company competence,
  • Following the religions norm, morality, courtesy and law,
  • Together with customer, we build our working team to produce product according to the need of the customer,
  • We listen, understand and advising each other to ensure we do our project accurately,
  • We desire to build teams that have a great continuity with our clients.

Why Us

There are many reasons why you should choose PT Varia Cipta Pratama steel door. These are some of the reasons:

  • Security
    Security is something that can not be measured. If what you want is security of your workplace, or your house, installing harmonica steel door is the right choice. Harmonica steel door is perfect for being the cover (base door) before glass door or aluminium, which usually installed on home office, kiosk or even full size office. Harmonica steel door is very strong and practical to be used. PT Varia Cipta Pratama's harmonica steel door is made from the best material, to ensure durability. Because prevention is better then fixing, so what are you waiting for?
  • Comfortable
    With high precision level, harmonica steel door of PT Varia Cipta Pratama is a guarantee of quality. Imported raw materials with assurance of pure iron are not recycled or reprocessed scrap steel. Products of PT Varia Cipta Pratama will give you the ultimate comfort on the use of harmonica steel door.
  • Strong
    Steel canal with the size of 50-65 mm and weight of 30-33 kg are the physical evidences that our products are both strong and have a high quality. Lifetime guarantee for its strength is our way to show our client our concern of your safety.
  • Tested
    More than 46 years of experience is more than assurance that our products have been tested throughout time. Many numbers of Indonesian most prestigious building have been using PT Varia Cipta Pratama's products. Hartono Elektronik Surabaya, Gunung Sari Intan and Sentra Buana Surya for instance. Our products are also shipped and distributed to every region in Indonesia.
  • Aesthetic
    Not only comfortable and strong, PT Varia Cipta Pratama are also tempted to develop harmonica steel door that is both beautiful and has high aesthetic value. Many designs have been developed to give the aesthetic value of harmonica steel door products of PT Varia Cipta Pratama.
  • Modern Fabrication
    Modern and advanced machinery and experienced and reliable technicial are the guarantee we bring that harmonica steel door products of PT Varia Cipta Pratama could be your go to options.
  • Competitive Price
    Proportional price with security and comfort that you get is our priority.

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